My Book

About 2 years ago, I wrote a book. This week I finally pubilished said book – it took so long due to the fact the my perfectionist self could not cope with the idea of releasing it to the world just yet.

ANYWAYS…today is a free promo day for my book, meaning that if you click on this link BAM my book will be yours all for the price of $0. If you don’t have a kindle – DO NOT FEAR – you can download the kindle app for free on your iphone, ipad, pc, or mac.

Now I just started this blog, so I don’t think anyone actually reads it yet. Therefore if you are one of the lucky humans who has stumbed across this lovely page today, Merry Christmas to you! Enjoy. Who doesn’t like free things, right? If you are one of my dear friends or family who has stumbled across this blog – y’all better be waiting till tomorrow to actually buy my book. Just kidding…kind of.

So read my book, buy my book, borrow my book, enjoy my book, tell your friends about my book and have a HappyNew Year!

Stay safe.


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