2012 in Review

2012 was a pretty big year for me. Thinking back, I probably would have laughed my head off if someone had predicted how they thought my year would turn out. I thought it might be fun and informative to do a 2012 recap of lessons learned; I can only really recall 8/12 months of 2012 and have tried to go back and look at picture postings, etc as a recap for myself, which should prove interesting…so here we go.

January 2012 – I kicked off the new year with some friends and made myself a list of yearly goals (not resolutions, those are lame and I never stick to them, but goals are another story). One of those “goals” was to read the bible in one year which I can say I did and it wasn’t as easy as I thought. According to my instagram it also snowed and I went to café crepe for the first time. Those were some good crepes.

February 2012 – From what I can recall, this was the month we all wanted to be over and never to speak of again. Many injuries, illnesses, and challenges came about this month but God provided and everything worked out. I also wore flip flops to the beach, ate several tasty looking desserts, and it was also Fat Tuesday, everyone’s favourite day of the year (at least in our house).

March/ April 2012 – I’m putting these two months together because I honestly don’t remember them. These were some learning months for me in regards to relationships in my life. Lots One of the main things that stood out for me was just spending time in God’s word and really trying to listen to what He was saying. I think I also stopped drinking coffee somewhere in these months, so I was probably walking around like a zombie, which explains the lack of memory. I also watched a lot of hockey.

May 2012 – God is always there, He’s always listening and sometimes He’s going to ask you to do things that might not make sense or that you might not understand at the time, but everything happens for a reason.

June 2012 – When a cute boy asks you to go on a road trip with him, say yes. Who knows, you might just end up being lucky enough to have him as your husband someday. And my crazy food allergies got fixed by a sweet naturopath.

July 2012 – SUMMER CAMPS!  Never stay up half the night before your first of three weeks of summer camps. This month also included a fun trip to Osooyos, fireworks, poolside days and of course summer classes.

August 2012 – Kitchen/bathroom renovations. If you are ever having a bad day, smash a mirror. Seriously, it is super fun; just remember to wear your gloves and safety goggles. I also had finals this month and managed to do well in all my summer classes which was surprising considering I did most of my studying by the pool with Joel by my side. I also spent some time in Whistler with some of my favourite people.

September 2012 – Never take six classes in one semester, no matter how invincible you think you are. It’s hard and sleep is important. Road tripped to Kelowna to visit the fam jam. I ate some fro yo too.

October 2012 – Road trips (I went on a lot of those, another goal). Thanksgiving. Birthdays. Coach purses. I love yous. I think this was my second favourite month of 2012. Oh, and Christmas Production rehearsals started up. I got to be a pregnant, Polish woman this year.

November 2012 – When your boyfriend wants to take you out on a Tuesday night, you should say yes, no matter how tired you are from studying. Joel proposed and I said yes! After a challenging effort to get me out of the house for the evening (I’m pretty stubborn sometimes), we went out for dessert and went on a walk where he took out his guitar, sang me a song he wrote for me and asked me to be his wife.  Woo hoo! We are so happy and getting married this April! In other news, Joel and I went to the states the day after black Friday, it was madness. I also wrote a lot of papers…no seriously, a sick amount of papers.

December 2012 – Another Christmas Production happened, it was so much fun and I’m already counting down till next year. I survived my last full time semester of final exams. It was a good Christmas with family and friends. I published my book – finally! It was a big accomplishment and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for it.

Well that was my 2012. I’m sure lots of other things happened but those are the big ones that stand out to me. Looking forward to an exciting 2013…lots to look forward to!

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