Engagement Adventures

This weekend Joel and I got to register at the bay for our wedding. So now you can all go get those gifts we know you’ve been waiting to purchase us…just kidding :). It’s always been a dream of mine to register for a wedding in a department store with those cool scanner guns they give you, just like in the movies – where they run around scanning everything and it’s oh so fun right? Wrong. Well it was fun because I got to do it with Joel (insert sappy love background music here) but it was also a bit stressful. First off we were greeted by – I’m going to test your new kindness theory with all my strength – Anne, who was an interesting employee. Anne, if you’re reading this it’s probably never a good idea to criticize your customers on their wedding plans and time schedule, but you did grow on me towards the end of the afternoon. Second, the scanner gun they give you is not as cool as it looks in the movies. It’s not like this smooth, lovely, soft beep that you imagine, nope not at all, just you wait. It shrills and you need to push multiple buttons, hard. I think I only used it three times, got tired and gave it back to Joel. Third, it’s super hard to pick things when you have no idea where you are going to be living and need to make decisions like which of the 10 different salt and pepper shakers should I choose? Just give me one of each, normal please! But we survived day one and day two, and it was pretty neat to pick out stuff that we get to put in our home despite the overwhelming Anne and the weird scanner gun. Anyways this post really has no purpose, except for I’m super excited to get married in 109 days, give Anne a smile the next time you see her and don’t have high expectations for wedding registry scanners.

The end.

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