Choose your battles

I don’t get angry very often and I wouldn’t call myself a fighter in any regards, but when something sets me off man does it set me off. This week I’ve really had to challenge myself to think before I speak and at the same time to remember to be patient with other people who possibly haven’t learned to choose their battles yet. They say patience is a virtue. Patience is also very hard to master, at least for a go getter like me who wants to see results all the time. This week my level of patience has been challenged a lot, especially in regards to conflict. I was thinking about conflict yesterday and how hard it is to hold your tongue sometimes, especially when you feel someone else is in the wrong. Then I read something that went like this “choose your battles but don’t choose too many”. I think this is a great philosophy to have when it comes to conflict. Pick what matters to you the most, what’s going to make or break your day, situation, decision, whatever and ask yourself how important is it really? Is it worth the potential sacrifices? If it’s not, then learn to let it go. Letting go seems to be the key to sanity, at least for me. So remember to be patient, be kind and choose your battles but don’t choose too many!

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