To e-read or not to e-read? That is the question.

So today I’m going to be conducting a little poll to serve my curiosity. I’ve been thinking about reading this week – I often think about reading, I’m a big reader. I’ve had many people talk to me about how they want me to publish a physical copy of my novel. Many people aren’t ready to jump on the technology train and still want to hold an actual book. I will indeed publish a physical copy of my novel, it probably just won’t be for two or three months.

I always said I would never get a kindle, I argued that nothing could replace the actual physical book in my hands and thought the idea of reading off a screen was ridiculous. Then about two years ago while house sitting with a friend, she lent me hers for a few nights and I loved it. I loved how you could instantly pick any book you want and bam it was on your kindle. I still wasn’t sure about the whole reading on a screen thing, but when my mother began to threaten that she was going to make me throw away my “too many books”, I knew it was kindle time. I have a lot of books. About a year ago I probably could have been referred to as a book hoarder until I finally convinced myself to part with many of them. My bookshelf is lined in at least four rows of stacked books per shelf and I even have boxes of books put away. You see, I read about as often as the average person breaths. I buy a book and finish it in about 3 hours (it drives Joel crazy), but I’ve always been a fast reader and once a story sucks me in, I’m hooked. So for a book hoarder such as myself, a kindle was practical because it allows me to buy hundreds of books and store them in one place. Do I still read physical copies of books? All the time, heck I have days where I just need to pick up a real book and I do.

My question for you today is do you prefer an e-reader or a physical book? Are you more likely to buy a physical book over an e-book? Why or why not? Ready, set, GO!

Ohhhh and if you haven’t checked out my e-book yet – you should. Maybe it will change your reading ways.


3 thoughts on “To e-read or not to e-read? That is the question.

  1. Physical book ’cause I’m technology-challenged and old school:) (and according to this post about 30 years older than I reallly am;))

  2. It depends on what I’m reading. I, like you, read a lot. And my kobo has definitely cut down on the trips to the library that I need to make to keep myself occupied. If it’s fiction, especially light fiction, that works just fine. But I find for non-fiction, especially if it’s something that I want to flip back and forth and re-read sections an actual paper book is just so much better. And some days, I just really want paper in my hands.

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