The View…from my Tuesday

Today was kind of a weird day. I woke up in a panic from a not so good dream and then somehow ended up spending almost an hour of my morning watching The View – don’t ask me why. Listening to Whoopi talk about how she’s tired of people telling her she needs to drink diet coke instead of coke when she really just likes coke was not riveting in any sort, yet I couldn’t seem to pull myself away.

Then I went to the gym. I was just finishing my workout and stretching when I noticed a woman with a personal trainer on the floor looking like she was appearing to have some sort of emotional breakdown. My first thought was to search the gym and see if Jillian Michaels was hiding somewhere in the corner. It definitely looked like a biggest loser television moment. Then I thought to myself, wow some people sure take extreme measures to get themselves back into shape.

Then I lounged around a bit and went for a massage which made me want to curl up in a cocoon and sleep like a baby.

Then I had a girl’s night with the lovely Calla where she got me too full on yummy apple crisp and we chatted and watched Parenthood.

Then I came home and face timed my wonderful man and now I’m going to bed.

Today was a kind of dull Tuesday where really the only thing out of the ordinary was that I witnessed some apparent breakthrough at fitness world and watched The View…really hoping this doesn’t become a new thing (I mean The View, really? Is anyone else concerned that Barbara Walters does not have appeared to have aged ever?). I am concerned for myself, and for Barbara.

Anyways this kind of reminds me of a dear diary entry so I’m going to leave now. Peace.

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