Tuesday Thoughts

I haven’t written for a while because I’ve been busy and stuff. Last week I learned a valuable life lesson: never kiss someone who has the flu (Sorry Joel – I love you!). Even if you don’t know they have the flu and haven’t seen them in a week, you should just be psychic and figure it out in order to prevent yourself from the almost week long horrific stomach bug that you are going to have to endure. So Joel returned home from Mexico with “food poisoning” which ended up being the flu or some Mexican bird virus- I’m still not sure, I got it two days later. It was not fun, I didn’t eat for three days and withered away (seriously).  Besides both of us being sick, the week was rather uneventful.

Another life lesson that I learned over the weekend is: always have a plan B, especially when the flu is following you and all of Canada around. Leslie Wilson you are my hero. On Saturday, Leslie took Joel and I out for a little pre-engagement photo shoot for our wedding invitations. Her photos are AMAZING. I said I’d give her a shout out, so here it is thelensofleslie.blogspot.com – check it, this girl is so talented!

On Sunday we had another engagement adventure. We went and looked at our first basement suites. This was a somewhat mortifying experience for me. I’m not going to lie, I have lived a rather pampered suburban white girl life, minus the year I lived on top of the fruit store, of course, but still…basement suite hunting is tough times. The first place we went to reminded me of a place where I could probably have a grow op if I ever turned into a heathen and felt compelled to do so. The second place reminded me of a CSI crime scene, no joke…it looked like they were trying to dispose of a body and other things. I don’t like change. I’m a very organized, when I want something to happen, I want it now kind of person. I’m not extremely patient and I hate wasting time, so it was somewhat frustrating for me that I did not find my dream basement suite after two attempts. And while we are on that subject can I just comment on how hard it was to actually find basement suites that were worth looking at based on ads? If you are going to write an ad that is going to be posted to the general public you should 1) be able to form a sentence 2) NOT TYPE LIKE THIS – no one needs to feel like you’re screaming at them while they read your ad 3) be able to spell the words of what you are advertising…beasement instead of basement…really! 4) Include details! Yes captain obvious, people generally like to know how many bedrooms, how much the price is, what it includes, etc. Anyways, enough of that. Last night thanks to the lovely Marcia, we went to look at two more basement suites and found one! Hoorah! It has everything we are looking for and more – which is lovely – so yay! I feel like we are getting a lot of big things crossed off our list which makes me very happy.

Today hasn’t been that exciting, it has consisted of me fighting with my math textbook, demolishing the dust bunnies under my bed, having a dance party to The Lumineers CD, reading and doing some fun cleaning. Good times all around.

My challenge of this week was a quote I saw when I was out this morning that read: “Choose to be happy”. It made me smile and think about how happiness really is a choice and in our daily living we can choose to not let the smallest frustrations get us down but instead make the most of what we have around us and live our lives. So go do that – I’m going to as well!

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