Change is a part of life. We’ve all heard it. Some of us are much more comfortable in dealing with it and processing it than others. Some are resistant to change and flee from it, while others embrace change with open arms. You can’t expect people to go through life staying the same. I think that is probably one of the most ignorant assumptions there is. I think as a friend if you expect people not to grow and change as an individual you do not have your cards lined up properly. Especially as a believer, would you rather your friends not grow at all? Not have a chance to learn, apply, and discover? Are we as people so accustomed to what’s comfortable that we would rather just stuff our friends in a box and not give them room to develop themselves further? I think it’s important that as friends we encourage our friends to change if it is for the betterment of themselves. It’s important to understand that as people go through different stages of life they aren’t always going to be the same and that’s okay. It’s not okay if their changes are self harming but if they are changes that you aren’t comfortable with for your own personal selfish reasons then that’s probably something you need to figure out and learn to get over.

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