Just a regular old update

I’m coming back to the blogging world, don’t worry – I know you were. It’s been a crazy last month, getting settled and moved in and trying to figure out how to be Susie homemaker – maybe I’m still working on that last part. WHAT?! You mean dinner just doesn’t magically appear on the table? 😉 Ha ha. So now it’s time to answer my favourite question: how’s married life? I’m never quite sure what kind of response people are looking for when they ask me this question. Do they want some dramatic answer, if it was horrible (which it’s not) would they except me to fall apart in an endless ramble about it? Married life is wonderful – it’s still quite an adjustment – going from living with me and the fam to living with a boy – although the boy I’m living with is the greatest. I feel like I haven’t really slept in the past thirty days – Joel  is a very entertaining sleeper and I’m used to taking up the whole bed to myself– and even though I stopped drinking coffee for a year have somehow built up an immunity to it and it does nothing for me now. I’ve been told by many experienced marriage successors that in a few months we will adjust and be able to sleep again…so until then my tired self will find ways to entertain you all through meaningless blog posts.

I am currently trying to find full time employment…the 13 hours a week at the church – as fun as they are – just doesn’t pay the bills. If you’re looking for someone to hire – I have management experience – I will have completed my Bachelors Degree by the end of summer and have no desire to ever work in the food industry again. Holler if you know someone!

Oh hey – if you haven’t read my book yet and feel like contributing to my lack of employment you should buy it! I’ve been told it’s good but maybe I’m bias. I only make about $2 per copy or something sad like that but it’s just good to gain the experience and exposure. Speaking of exposure – if you’ve read my book and haven’t rated it on Amazon, if you could – I would love you forever. I’ve been working on my second book – which is very different than my first. This one is more for mature young adult readers – possible even more of an adult genre. No, that doesn’t mean it’s filled with sex and profanity in case you were wondering ;-). It’s called “Two truths and a lie” and it’s more of a mature storyline in the content it deals with, as well as more of a mystery/thriller genre as opposed to romance – although there is still some romance in it of course – I’m a bit of a sucker for love stories and just love in general. In a few weeks I will release an “abstract” for it, which will hopefully entice people to want to read it and then I will start to post some teasers, so get ready!

Anyways I need to go buy a hamper and cook and all that jazz. Bye for now.

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