What about Robin?

All I’ve been reading about since Sunday is how much of a slut Miley Cyrus is. We don’t have cable so I didn’t watch the VMA’s and honestly, I probably wouldn’t have even if we did. I did however youtube a preview of what I missed and was very glad that I did miss it. In reading all these responses that people have been writing about Miley, I have to ask the question: what about Robin Thicke? I in no way agree with any of Miley’s actions, Robin Thicke is a 40 year old married man who apparently had no problem with letting a young girl, barley an adult, dry hump him in front of the world. That in itself actually sickens me more than her actions. 


If you haven’t seen it (which I haven’t), I’m sure you’ve all heard about the pornographic blurred lines video where Thicke has women prancing around him topless. I have to shake my head at the irony of people being so outraged by a sexual performance by a young woman, while we live in a society that prides itself on selling sex through television, film, music and fashion. We all get sucked into it – listening to that catchy new song on the radio and trying to ignore the fact that it is completely derogatory and sells women as nothing more than man toys and sex symbols. But hey, it has a good beat, right? I’m guilted as charged, along with many of us. How can a society be so appalled by Miley Cyrus’ actions when we so often disregard how often we buy into the sex symbols that society wants us to buy into on a daily basis? In writing this I’m not condemning anything, but it sure does give you something to think about. 


When I hear that Robin Thicke’s wife loves the fact that he had naked women prance around him in his music video because she thinks it shows what a creative artist he is, I want to puke and then thank God that I am married to an amazing man who wouldn’t even think twice about watching a video like that. All I can think when hearing that is: what the heck? What woman in her right mind would be okay with her husband doing that? Why would any woman allow her husband to expose himself to that or let other women flaunt themselves around him? And on that note why would any man even try to do that? To me it doesn’t even seem that it should be a question of whether or not it is a christian marriage, just the fact that in a marriage you should be reserved for one another. As a husband or a wife you should not be letting yourself engage in any type of sexual action with another person. There’s a reason you are married and not hanging out down at the communal brothel, correct?  


I’ve read a lot of blog posts where people have written that Miley Cyrus did what she did because she has never been told “no” by the adults in her life. In my opinion, the fact that Robin Thicke contributed to her performance proves just that. So before we all go bashing Miley for her actions, Thicke’s actions – or lack of action, should be looked at as well. I feel like often female’s get criticized in Hollywood for being “sexual” but men can write songs about women that would curl your grandma’s toenails and it has become perfectly acceptable. We as a society should strive to get the message out there that we do not want to be apart of a world like this. I can see by most people’s reactions to Miley’s performance on Sunday night, that this seems to be a consensus.

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