It’s Burger Time!

Tonight was a burger night. The other day I found myself dreaming of different burger combinations, one’s with bacon particularly. My new cooking motto is “when in doubt add bacon”. I’m not sure how long my hips will appreciate this for, but it sure is delicious. Spicy Bacon, Guac & Lime Turkey Burgers were on the menu tonight and boy, were they good. I thought of this combination because I needed to get rid of some monetary jack cheese that we had kicking around in the fridge. It is super easy.


Burger Buns

Turkey patties (homemade or store bought – depending on how ambitious you are – tonight I went with store bought).

Guacamole (this was homemade – I’ll post the recipe I used)



Monetary jack cheese (ours was jalapeño flavored)

Needless to say, these burgers had some kick! I have fallen in love with a food blogger named Jen (or her recipes anyways) – this guac recipe I got from her blog, you should check it out – it has some great recipes! The only thing I changed was adding a jalapeño and the amount of lime I used. I used ¼ cup of lime juice instead of ¼ tsp. Why, you ask, well let me tell you. You see, I must have had my head in the clouds when I was cooking dinner and misread the amount (go figure), but it ended up being super tasty regardless of my chef’s error and in some ways it could have even resembled a virgin guacamole margarita.

Super easy: BBQ the turkey burgers and while they are cooking fry up the bacon (I had my sous chef do this for me while I was making the guacamole). When the burgers are almost cooked melt the cheese on top. Toast the buns on the BBQ and top with guac, bacon and whatever other condiments you want to add (we added tomato). Tada, easy delicious dinner!

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