The F-bomb.

I have a strong dislike for swear words in general, but if there’s one thing I hate even more it’s when people use swear words for no reason in a normal sentence. “I am going to the zoo with Roland today, I’m so f*ing excited”. Why not just say you are excited? Why do you need to swear? Does it make you feel cool? Do you think you sound like a gangster? I actually don’t get it, so if someone with a running potty mouth cares to enlighten me on the subject, please do. I went through a swearing phase in my life and one day woke up and was like “Wow, I sound like an idiot”. There is a whole dictionary, a whole language of words at your disposal – pick better ones! Sure sometimes the occasional swear slips out with people and it happens, but when it’s used to emphasize everything in your life, you just sound ridiculous. 


I’ve often heard people say “Well, they are just words”. REALLY?! Sure, I get that, but in our society they aren’t just words, they are words with inappropriate implications. Regardless of whether or not it has always been like that, in our culture it’s considered a negative thing and I think that is important. In school kids aren’t taught to write sentences with f-bombs in them…why? Because it’s considered wrong. I personally, am so tired of seeing people writing swear words all over the internet that have no purpose. If you must swear at least use it for something good (I would prefer if you just didn’t, but I can’t always get what I want). I was discussing this with a good friend of mine this morning and said, “What if I just started using the word ‘f-bomb’ in all all my sentences? No, like literally the word ‘f-bomb’?”. Today is going to be f-bomb awesome. I’m debating trying this in public for one day in hopes that it will make people realize that it sounds just as ludicrous when they use the regular word.


Anyways, I just REALLY needed to get that off my chest. If you find yourself a victim of “the swears”, do yourself a favour and find a dictionary. I promise you there are lots of cool words out there.

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